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Another Life

The driving force behind this collection? The notion that we should be creative,  reuse and reinvent what we have first, before producing more. 

This a collection of a limited number of pieces and styles made using dead stock fabrics that would otherwise have gone to waste.

We have given these fabrics Another Life!

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A collection of silks, mostly hand woven from the Banaras Colony in Pakistan. With this collection we the aim to revive and shed light on the dying silk weaving craft in Pakistan.

This collection includes rich fabrics hand woven by the unsung master craftsmen who live and work in this particular neighbourhood- Banaras.

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INDOI x ISHKAR I The Language of Stone

This collaboration between ISHKAR and INDOI takes inspiration from the shared heritage found between Afghanistan and Pakistan, by revisiting traditional Afghani/Pakistani menswear and the use of Afghan-native Lapis Lazuli and Agate stones for the jewellery.
Each piece in this capsule collection embodies ISHKAR and INDOI's shared commitment to fine craftsmanship. The clothes are all handcrafted in the workshop of INDOI founder, Mallika chaudhuri's aunt’s workshop in Karachi, Pakistan while the jewellery is handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan by a small team of craftsmen, lead by Mehdi Ansar.

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A selection of well crafted pieces with a positive social impact. All the jewellery is handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan by a small team of craftsmen. Each of these pieces tell a story of a culture, a craft, a people.

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Made to Order

With the textile at the heart of each collection, we design each style based on properties of the cloth and its traditional craftsmanship. Many of our textiles are carefully hand woven and hand embroidered and so take longer to produce.

This, coupled with the problem of over production contributing to our planet´s waste, we produce very limited stock per style. Instead we offer a made to order service for styles which we do not stock.

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Embrace Uniqueness. Life is too short for uniformity.

Our one-of-a-kind pieces embody the celebration of individuality. Just as no two people are alike, neither are our creations. They also give us the opportunity to create unique items using antique textiles, offcuts and dead stocks, therefore minimising waste. 

Our one-of-a-kind pieces are ready to ship.

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Valley People

A collection inspired by locally sourced textiles, "Khaddar" cotton and "Karandi" silk, from Pakistan. These textiles are traditionally worn by men.

Each piece has been hand made with the utmost care by our master craftspeople using traditional crafts such as hand embroidery and fabric crushing.

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