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Our Values

Our Values
Here at INDOI we take a responsible approach. There is always more to be done, but for now this is what we have managed: 
  • We design and make clothes that are versatile, timeless and that will last you a lifetime, and hopefully be passed on to another!
  • We employ skilled crafts people with the objective to preserve, maintain and celebrate heritage, craftsmanship and tradition.
  • We keep our supply chain short, making all our garments, from cloth, cut and sew to embroidery in one place. 
  • We focus on the textile- using only use strong, natural fibres which have beneficial properties. 
  • We work with the SRSC in Pakistan which a free centre of rehabilitation for children. 
At Indoi we believe in slow fashion – an unhurried process in which we create beautiful, timeless, season less clothes that you will want to have in your wardrobe forever and hopefully even pass on to the next generation!
We believe in buying better and buying less. Each of our garments has been carefully considered from start to finish: from the initial design, to the sourcing, sampling, production and distribution of every item. We try to honour and preserve traditional techniques, while supporting local craftsmen, communities.
Slow Fashion
The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Having worked in this industry for a number of decades, we’ve seen the effects that fast fashion has, not only on the environment but the social impact. It creates a relentless demand for factory workers and employees to produce new, innovative designs at breakneck speed, and it stirs up an unhealthy hysteria to pressure consumers into constantly purchasing the latest trend. 
Indoi offers an antidote to this, with confident, versatile, high-quality pieces that are responsibly made and never go out of style.
Embroidery Detail
Locally Sourced
All our cotton is locally sourced from the Khaddar house, the very same place in which the women in our family have been sourcing fabric for generations!
The Khadi cottons are all made in Pakistan using hand-spun yarns. This technique yields very subtle imperfections and distinctions in each piece, which we believe adds to the beauty and individuality of the fabric.
No Waste
The Society for the Rehabilitation of Children is a dedicated organisation in Karachi, which provides special education and specialised vocational training to children with mental and intellectual disabilities.
All the offcuts from Indoi pieces are donated to the SRSC, where the children use the fabric to learn how to make bags and accessories.
The mothers also work with their children to generate an income for themselves and gives them a community. 

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