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Our Craft

Our Craft
Each Indoi garment is made with pride.
Our master craftsmen create each unique piece using ancient techniques from the Indus Valley. 
Their individual passion, skill and expert attention to detail shine through in their work – from the exquisite cut of the cloth to the intricate hand-embroidered finish.
Indoi is an expression of these local artisans, their traditional craft and a rich cultural heritage that we strive to celebrate and preserve in each of our designs.   
Master Craftsman Techniques    
Traditional Techniques 
In Pakistan, embroidery is a highly-skilled art that holds great cultural significance. It has moved beyond a classic technique of embellishing fabric, to become a source of local pride. Once upon a time it was an integral craft that ancient tribal groups adopted and adapted to signify their heritage, and to this day each region is famed for producing distinct pieces, in its own distinctive style. In our workshop, we stress the importance of using time-honoured techniques to recreate this fine art, restoring the traditional sense of pride in each stitch.  
  Traditional Techniques
Our Makers 
Our garments are handcrafted in Maheen’s workshop in Karachi by a small number of exceptional local tailors, pattern cutters, stitchers and embroiderers. Many of these craftsmen have been working with Maheen for over thirty years – like Afzal, Jani and Hanif – and are very much part of her family. Each one takes the utmost care, pride and pleasure in his work, and you’ll often hear Maheen say that her business would never have existed without them.     Our makers  Makers Marks

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