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Womanhood and the INDOI House

Womanhood and the INDOI House

Did you know that INDOI is the product of a deeply powerful narrative of women originating in the Indus Valley? 

Part of our logo represents a house-like structure - based upon the House of Dezalik. Named after the great Mother Goddess Dezalik (also known as Diane or Disni), the House was the epicentre of female life for the indigenous Kalash people who lived in the geographical area of the Indus Civilisation. 

Dezalik herself is a fierce matriarch, Goddess of the hearth and of life force, and the protector of women and the home. Her spirit is embodied in a favourite saying of the Kalasha: 'Our women are free'.

Among the Pakistani Kalasha, Dezalik is known to inhabit the bashali - the menstrual house which, among the women of the villages, is the epicentre of female life, ritual, and community. Here, girls are inducted into womanhood, young women give birth, older women share their wisdom, and all give thanks to Dezalik for the circle of life.

INDOI has always sought to celebrate a legacy of the women who have come before us - including the Kalash women and my own family. This permeates each and every aspect of what we do: from our logo and designs to the names of our pieces and those we choose to collaborate with. We hope you'll join us.

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