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Reasons to Rewear: Secondhand September

Reasons to Rewear: Secondhand September

This month is Secondhand September (the annual campaign spearheaded by Oxfam) so we have been celebrating how your INDOI pieces work with your favourite vintage and secondhand pieces. At the same time, we have spent time looking at the state of the secondhand fashion market as it stands, which we will delve into further here.

We are proud to say that our craft and our quality both contribute to a true longevity which stands for many a year. As a result, we truly hope that your INDOI pieces will, one day, become a treasured vintage possession or will perhaps be handed down generations.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the items produced by the fast fashion industry at an incessant, excessive rate. The immense surplus of clothing on our planet means that the secondhand market is overwhelmed with synthetic, poorly crafted items - so much so that literal landfills are filled up with discarded clothes. Charity shops once filled with high quality, durable items are now overcrowded with polyester pieces designed to fall apart.

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Meanwhile, we have seen the “addiction” to fast fashion simply transfer to towards consuming secondhand fashion at an equally unsustainable rate. It is important to highlight how big fast fashion brands (we won’t mention names…!) are capitalising on this, launching branded secondhand marketplaces in order to ultimately funnel consumers towards brand-new purchases.

Consumption is not going to solve the climate crisis, and we cannot buy our way out of the environmental and social issues we are currently facing; but buying less and buying better will. We realise that this may be a strange thing thing to say as a small fashion brand reliant on the support of our customers, but this is something we strongly believe in.


If you’d like some inspiration on how your INDOI pieces can weave into what you already own - be it a long-loved coat or a vintage denim find - scroll on. We won’t disappoint, and the planet might just love you for it.


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