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2020: A year to review

2020: A year to review

We’re sure you’re tired of hearing it, but this year really has been like no other. Never could we have predicted the events the world has thrown at us over the past 12 months and it has certainly been a year of trials and tribulations. That said, we have seen some incredible positivity and triumphs in the face of the difficulties - from a heightened awareness of the global environment and a newfound appreciation for human connection to the chance to slow right down. 

With this in mind, we thought we’d take you through Indoi’s highlights from the past year. It certainly has been an interesting one, but nonetheless we have tried our utmost to make the best of it. 

Finding Creativity in Uncertain Times

Throughout the pandemic, we have sought out new and creative ways to maintain Indoi’s momentum as a brand. An example of this is when we hosted our very first "Indoi at Home" in June where I, Mallika, opened up my house and studio for a post-lockdown pop-up. As part of this new "At home" lifestyle, we also developed and created a new campaign showing how our pieces adapt and fit right in at home, seeing as that is where we have all been spending the majority of our time! 

Connecting and Collaborating with Others

In the summer we also launched our collection in The Store on Golborne Road. Furthermore, we partnered with The Sustainable Pop Up and The Maiyet in their respective pop ups on the Kings Road and on South Molton Street. We still very much believe in physical retail!

More recently we partnered with Thread Tales, Goldfinger & ISHKAR in the Conscious Christmas Auction supporting various charities. 

As part of Katherine Omerod´s support for Independent responsible brands, she borrowed and styled a number of our pieces on Instagram.  We were also honoured that Elizabeth Day  also did a special shout out for us during lockdown and showed us how to wear our Zof top at home with jeans. 

These collaborations and connections have really kept the brand alive!


Planet and People

We have established partnerships with three fantastic entities which seek to improve both social and environmental well-being. Through TreeSisters, we have planted trees via their Reforestation Program, whilst working with the Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children (SRSC) has meant that we have developed a mutually beneficial - and creative - relationship through production of our packaging.

Through our ongoing partnership with Fashion Revolution and Fashion Open studio, we collaborate with them to gain more awareness around the negative impact of the fashion industry and try to create a better one, that is less harmful to people and to the planet. Through our workshops we show our audience the importance of craft in fashion and champion the mantra "Buy better, buy less". 


The Reason Why We Exist: Our Pieces

At the heart of Indoi is, of course, the garments and products we offer. We release pieces, not multiple expansive collections. This year, we released the Banaras Collection, supporting the handcraft of weaving in the Banaras Colony, as well as the Joon Print in the Bels Blouse and the Samia Pant shape. Similarly, we launched our Made to Order pieces, so to produce to demand as well as our online Jewellery selection supporting jewellers in Afghanistan.  On top of all of this, we are so proud to have launched Casa Indoi online and in The Store with our Iskhar glassware pieces.

To celebrate Christmas, we created our Festive Edit which you can view here; for each piece purchased in our festive edit we will donate 5 trees to TreeSisters. Buy good, do good!


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