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Rachel Landon - Herbalist, Naturopathic Iridologist & Mother

Rachel Landon - Herbalist, Naturopathic Iridologist & Mother

Rachel Landon: a Herbalist and Naturopathic Iridologist and co founder of our natural organic project and brand Wilder Botanics, hand blending all natural herbal ingredients for wellbeing for both inside and out ."I qualified in 2004 and started a private practice from home and then from Neal´s Yard. I’ve had four children and started Wilder with my husband with the hope of inspiring people to use herbs to support , nourish and protect in their daily lives."

What makes you feel empowered?

I feel most empowered when I feel in balance with life, not in control and not totally letting go but somewhere in between ..trusting and doing what I love with the best intention.

What elements of your upbringing do you incorporate into your daily life?

I work hard and always feel I could work harder , I watched my mum do everything with what looked like complete ease but what I know now as a mum myself is it must have been a massive juggle.

How have you carried your heritage with you?

I realise I don’t relate to my heritage and so this question has really woken something in me. My grandparents were Irish catholics and I went to school in a convent but I’ve spent many years working on unravelling all this especially the ‘guilt’. Its something that I definitely haven’t passed on to my kids , I’ve left them to find their own beliefs but the question of heritage is something that I want to now reevaluate.

After really thinking of my heritage I realise something that is in me that I’ll never shift and don’t want to is that I’m Mancunian. Even though I’ve lived here, in London, longer than Manchester I’ll never not have Mancunian sensibilities .....that no messing straightforwardness that being Northern gives you 



What was the moment when you realised that being a Naturopathic Iridologist  and herbalist was your calling?

I remember my mum taking me to see our GP on a few occasions I must have been about 8 years old . I don’t know if it was the whole experience but I remember thinking there must be more to healing than this and somehow I knew this was something I’d like to explore.

How do you want people to feel when they use your Wilder Botanics products?

To feel nourished and radiant. Wellbeing is finding your joy in life and I hope Wilder inspires this.

Can you take us with you to the place where you grew up?

I grew up just outside of Manchester, the youngest of four . My mum managed to single handedly raise us all as well as grow all our own fruit and veg, knit all our jumpers and run a business. She inspired me in so many ways but her love of the natural world around us was my biggest connection to her.

What are the sounds, sights, and smells that resonate with you?

The wind blowing through leaves on a Summers day, the smell of cut grass and freshly shelled peas, sweet peas and damp autumn leaves .

How does your heritage & where you are from impact your work?

My mum grew up in the war and I think her ability to be so sustainable had a massive impact on me:  making all our food from scratch including bread, baking cakes in the ladder, mending our clothes ...she up cycled everything!

How do you define success?

Success to me is in my relationships and how well I communicate within them, whether its with the people closest to me that I love or with my clients .

What have been your biggest learnings in life so far?

To listen to myself and trust that its the best thing rather than believing others opinions. To have empathy and less judgment. That life is short and to try and appreciate every moment even the most mundane…all a work in progress .

What have been your biggest lessons, challenges & rewards?

My biggest lessons have been through my kids along side my biggest challenges and biggest rewards. I often feel the challenge of finding the right balance between being a mum and my work life especially with all their different age groups .

Have you had any pivotal life changing moments? What were they?

Having my first child, Grace. Deciding to leave New York and go back to London to study.

Your manifesto to being in charge of your life?

To try not to be in charge. To let go and trust more. To keep learning and always be open to change.

What is your favourite piece of Indoi?

The incredible silk dot golden woven blouse and the beautiful Maggie black silk dress


Unique timeless pieces that look incredibly opulent that I could wear now on any occasion and when I’m 90.



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