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Dede Wegg-Prosser - Musician, Mother

Dede Wegg-Prosser - Musician, Mother

Dede Wegg-Prosser:  Born and raised in Manchester, the north west of England.

"I moved to London after university. I’ve always loved music and travel and when I started working at Virgin Records, I met and fell in love with my now husband Thomas. We left our daily working life to start a band called We have Band and travel the world, which luckily we did for many years with our best friend Darren. We had our first child, a son and took him on the road. The band is currently sleeping and we have a second child. We still live in London."


What makes you feel empowered?

Doing things that scare/challenge me! Performing on stage. I’m a total introvert so I really pushed myself to make this my living for so many years


What elements of your upbringing do you incorporate into your daily life?

I’m from a very no-nonsense northern working-class background. What you see is what you get with no airs and graces


How have you carried your heritage with you?

I am incredibly proud of being a Mancunian. Mancunians are known for being friendly, never shutting up and being blunt. I have kept all these qualities with me, no matter how long I have not lived in Manchester. Sometimes I have to go home just to feel whole!


What was the moment when you realized that being a in a band was your destiny?

When I looked out from stage and saw the audience were having an amazing time and we were helping them achieve this


How do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

Obviously, a mix of emotions - happy, nostalgic, hedonistic, belonging


Can you take us with you to Manchester? What are the sounds, sights, and smells that resonate with you?

Manchester is known as The Rain City, so the smell of a city in sunshine after rain resonates with me, it always takes me back home. Also, in Manchester music is everywhere, it’s impossible to travel anywhere in the world without hearing Manchester music, from The Bee Gees to Oasis. As a musician I take this with me and makes me feel proud and inspired to be a Mancunian. Silly little things like strangers chatting at a bus stop or a shop being warm and friendly, maybe sharing a joke or having camaraderie over something simple remind me of living at home and it can take me back going shopping with my Nanna


How did your heritage impact your work as an musician?

I’m from Manchester, which has a huge rich tapestry of music, along with a famous club scene and live gigs. With that in mind I guess always want to bring the party and dance with emotion


How do you define success?

Is about being able to live in moment


What have been your biggest learnings in life so far?

That I still have a lot to learn and a lot more growing to do.. and that’s exciting


What have been your biggest lessons, biggest challenges, and biggest rewards as a band member or mother?

You can only do your best and be open and honest to take the support and advise of your friends and family. I’ve learnt this being a performer and a mother. This leads onto my biggest challenge, which is being able to open up enough to share, so you hear the support and advice from friends and family. My biggest rewards of being a mother or a band member was not only being to share performing on stage with my husband, but also experiencing the birth of our children together too!


What is your favourite piece of Indoi?

The Dede jumpsuit



As with all the pieces of Indoi, it’s playful, comfortable , stylish yet simple


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